Buffalo Lodge Meats

  • 100% grass-fed bison
  • USDA inspected and hormone free
  • No chemicals or additives – our jerky is nitrate-free!
  • Dry-aged (meat is hung for up to 2 weeks in a cooler to release excess moisture and increase tenderness)
  • “Blast frozen” (high-speed freezing to eliminate risk of ice crystals forming within and around meat)
  • We pride ourselves on providing ideal living conditions for our bison and are constantly looking for ways to improve their quality of life from state-of-the-art handling facilities to ensuring proper nutrition in the grasses they eat.

To order:

Contact Michael, owner, at (816) 726-5615 Michael@BuffaloLodgeKC.com.

Pick-up options: On-site, Overland Park Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, or at home/work delivery (free of charge for orders of $100 or more). We accept cash, check, or credit card (3% added to all credit card purchases).

You’ll enjoy the difference and amazing health benefits of Buffalo Lodge Meats!


Available CutsPrice (plus tax)
Lean Ground, 1-lb package$12.00/lb
Ribeye Steak, 2/package$30.00/lb
Top Sirloin Steak, 2/package$18.00/lb
Filet Mignon, 2/package$40.00/lb
Kansas City Strip, 2/package$28.00/lb
Premium Patties, 1-lb pkg$15.00/lb
Chuck Roast$12.00/lb
Arm Roast$12.00/lb
Pike’s Peak Roast$12.00/lb
Rump Roast$12.00/lb
Stew Meat$12.00/lb
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