A Letter from the Owners:

Buffalo Ridge began rather modestly with my husband and myself choosing to leave behind the conveniences of city life to connect on a deeper level with the beauty of nature. Animal lovers at heart, the ranch was soon populated with horses, unwanted pups & kitties, chickens, ducks, and 2 adorable pot-bellied piggies, Rosie and Wilbur. On many a sunset evening, we dreamt of what the land once was and tried to imagine all the wild creatures that roamed freely here way back when. We took special joy in its current occupants: wild turkey, coyotes, deer, owls, bobcats, and an abundance of songbirds. That was when we began to envision buffalo.

Restoring the majestic buffalo to the land of their ancestors soon became a calling for us, something much bigger than ourselves. After gathering some initial research and insight from other bison ranchers, we purchased 13 youngsters to begin our herd. The joy we felt was immeasurable and grew each day as they matured. We strove to understand their ways and were ever mindful of opportunities to improve the young herd’s experience of a ranch setting.

Working hand-in-hand with the Missouri Department of Conservation, we set up a rotational grazing program on our 330 acres. This allows the buffalo to have fresh grass on a regular basis while giving grazed pastures a chance to recover. Our buffalo, now numbering around 100, have positively loved the arrangement. They have become quite adept at standing by the gate when they’re ready to move to the next pasture. Once we open the gate, they stampede into the new field, running in circles, prancing and kicking up their heels. From the massive bulls and matriarchs to the littlest calves, they all partake in celebrating their weekly “mini-migration.”

When you choose Buffalo Ridge, you choose a local, family-owned business endeavoring to serve the community in a responsible and sustainable way. You share your passion for the outdoors and for protecting and preserving all who dwell in it. Welcome to our sanctuary, you are among friends.

~ Amy & Michael Billings